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Italian Made 18KT Yellow Gold Peridot and Blue Topaz Cable Link Necklace, Signed "BIRKS


SKU CEJ00010702

This beautifully crafted necklace is Italian made and exudes personality. A series of seven graduated and drilled peridot briolette cut gemstones hang at even intervals from a cable link chain with the largest in the middle and the smallest toward each end. Eighteen brush finish rondel spacers separate the peridot from eight drilled oval shaped blue topaz beads so that the design pattern is that of blue topaz, chain, rondel spacer, chain, peridot drop, chain...... The necklace, signed "BIRKS" hangs at 40cm (16") and secures with a lobster claw clasp. The Briolette Cut is a round or teardrop shaped cut with elongated triangular or diamond-shaped facets all the way around. There is no table, crown or pavilion. It’s similar to the rose cut in appearance. The shape can be extremely elongated and thin, it can be slightly flat or short and pear-shaped. Either way, it’s easily distinguished by the number and style of facets as well as by the extraordinary way its facets break the light around them. It’s most popularly used on gemstones like amethysts, citrine, topaz, ruby or sapphire but diamonds can be cut in this shape as well. The key factor to whether a gemstone is suitable for a Briolette cut, in addition to its shape, is whether it’s strong and sturdy enough to withstand being exposed to the environment without a secure jewelry setting.

Primary Gem Stone(s): (7) Peridot
Gem Shape: Briolette
Carat Weight:
Colour: Green

Secondary Gem Stone(s): (8) Topaz
Gem Shape: Oval
Carat Weight:
Colour: Blue

Total Item Weight: 15.6 g
Total Diamond Carat:

Length: 18 inches / 400 mm
Width: mm
Diameter: mm

Metal: Yellow Gold
Metal Fineness: 18K

Certification: Gem Scan GS1282587
Appraised Value: CAD $3000