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Hand Made 14KT Yellow Gold Mabe Pearl Dinner Ring


SKU CEJ00007631

This bold and dramatic hand made ring is crafted in 14kt yellow gold and features a high polished wide band with wall-like shoulders that frame the 18.00mm mabe pearl. The pearl, with a whitish body colour and greenish and pinkish overtones, resides in a bezel setting that is suspended above the band and between the 'walls' and emits a beautiful radiant lustre. Mabe pearls are unique in how they’re created. Grown attached to the inside of the shell, mabe pearls are hemispherical in shape. Their dome shape distinguishes them from other pearl types and gives mabe pearl jewellery a unique look. Mabe pearls are formed using a small irritant which is attached to the shell, rather than into the mantle tissue of the mollusk as is common with other pearls. This becomes the nucleus for the mabe pearl. The oyster is then left to do its work and over time, secretes nacre over the irritant. The pearl forming becomes one-sided, because the shell blocks the other side. They’re grown into the shell and need to be cut out and processed. When the pearl is cut out, it typically has a hollow inside where the nucleus was and then needs to be filled in with resin and lidded with a piece of mother of pearl. Once polished, it’s impossible to say that a mabe pearl isn’t a solid nacre pearl.

Primary Gem Stone(s): (1) Pearl
Gem Shape: Round
Carat Weight:

Secondary Gem Stone(s):
Gem Shape:
Carat Weight:

Total Diamond Carat Weight:
Total Item Weight: 17.2 g

Ring Style: Statement
Current Ring Size: 8.75
Resizable Range: 6.5, 6.75, 7, 7.25, 7.5, 7.75, 8, 8.25, 8.5, 9
Band Width: mm
Setting Height: mm
Finger to Finger: 20 mm
Knuckle to Knuckle: 15 mm

Metal: Yellow Gold
Metal Fineness: 14K

Certification: Gem Scan GS1296149
Appraised Value: CAD $3200

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