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Edwardian Era Hand Made 14KT Yellow Gold Peridot and Seed Pearl Lavaliere Necklace


SKU CEJ00007740

This Edwardian era necklace exudes romance and conjures up images of the fashions of the time (1901 - 1915). Jewellery was characterized as ornate, intricate, and flowery. Contributing to this style are the techniques of openwork filigree and fine milgrain, introduced during the Edwardian times. Known in the rest of Europe as ‘La Belle Epoque’, it was a time of frivolity and wealth for the upper classes, led by the luxury-loving King Edward VII. In the Edwardian era pearls were the real status symbol as they were more valuable than diamonds at the time. These luminous stones were in keeping with the delicate ‘white’ theme of Edwardian jewellery. Edward held spectacular society balls and soirées, resulting in an overwhelming demand for elaborate jewellery from those who moved in these circles. Flagrant displays of material wealth were the norm in Edwardian high society. As the 19th century drew to an end, women began actively looking for better rights, in particular to have their voices heard in government. The Suffragettes were a group of women campaigning and protesting for the right to vote in a Movement which started in the 1860s. Many women proudly wore jewellery expressing their support for the suffragette movement, which campaigned for votes for women and women's rights. Suffragette jewellery pieces were instantly recognizable because they were decorated with green, white, and violet/purple stones. The first letter of each colour, G, W, V reflected the suffragettes demand of "Give women the vote". One interpretation of the suffragette jewellery colour scheme as adopted by some of the high profile groups was that the colour purple symbolized dignity, green meant hope and white demonstrated purity. Some historians feel however that the colours used were merely in accordance with most popular gemstones in the Edwardian period- amethysts, emeralds, and pearls and that there was never one specific colour scheme since the suffragette movement had so many different groups across the western world. This outstanding piece was hand made in 14kt yellow gold and features a decorative centrepiece that appears to have an upside down seed pearl heart, at the top portion. The cheeks of the heart curl inwards and a seed pearl flower rests in the opening. Suspended from the flower and dropping through the middle is a bar adorned with two seed pearls and a half carat oval shaped peridot. A partial circle, containing nine seed pearls, sweeps from the heart and surrounds the peridot/seed pearl drop. An additional pendulum-like bar tipped with three seed pearls drops from the bottom. Attached to this motif are delicate bars that span across and attach to a cable link chain. Each of these swirled bars feature marquise and leaf shaped appliques set with eighteen plus four additional seed pearls, respectively. Two additional leaf tipped bars hang from the swirl at each side. A combined total of ninety seed pearls gauge from 1.20mm to 2.30mm in diameter. Attached to the gorgeous centrepiece is a 15" (39cm) cable link chain of 14kt yellow gold with spring-ring clasp.

Primary Gem Stone(s): (1) Peridot
Gem Shape: Oval
Carat Weight: 0.50 ct
Colour: Green
Cut: Good

Secondary Gem Stone(s): (90) Pearl
Gem Shape:
Carat Weight:
Colour: Cream
Cut: Good

Total Diamond Carat Weight:
Total Item Weight: 8.4 g

Pendant Width: 106 mm
Pendant Height: 55 mm

Necklace Length: 15 inches / 390 mm
Necklace Width or Diameter: mm

Metal: Yellow Gold
Metal Fineness: 14K

Certification: Gem Scan GS1309399
Appraised Value: CAD $2250